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Club Rules



19th May 2008


1. The Proposed name of the club shall be the Sligo Ireland Spurs Supporters Club.


2. The registered address of the club will be that of the elected secretary.


3. The Club secretary will be the sole point of contact between the supporters club and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (T.H.F.C.)


4. The sectary will be responsible for the proper recording of all minute at all meeting and will supply a copy of these to all committee members upon request.


5. The Club year is from the 1st of June to the 31st of May each year.


6. There must be at least 20 members in the club and all members must be members of "Spurs Members" Club and the terms and conditions then applicable of "Spurs Members" Club shall apply where appropriate to the rules of the Sligo Spurs club.


7. A committee consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and at least two other committee members will run the club. The committee can be expanded by a decision of the sitting committee.


8. The club is non-profit making. All monies will be deposited in a separate account in the name of the Club. No withdrawals can be made from the account without the signatures of two Committee Members. Club Secretary and Club treasurer.


9. The club agrees to operate to the general guidelines laid down by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.


10. The Annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of June each year.


11. To serve as an officer a member must have first served at least one term as a committee member.


12. The Club will hold at least one committee meeting every two months.


13. Members are obliged to attend all of these.


14. A minimum of fifteen members will be deemed a quorum for a general meeting.


15. Only registered members of the club will be allowed attend and vote at an AGM.


16. The business of the AGM will be to:

Approve reports and statements from previous AGM
Elect incoming officers and committee members.
Approve membership fees for incoming season.
Approve current rules; deal with proposals for amendments or additions to rules.
Any additional business notified to the committee within 14 days of the AGM.

17. Notice of the AGM should be published in local newspapers at least one week in advance of the proposed date. An Agenda for the AGM will be circulated to all members 2 weeks prior to the date AGM.


18. Minutes of the AGM must be sent to Tottenham Hotspur F.C. within four weeks of the meeting.


19. Audited Copies of Financial Reports will also be sent Tottenham Hotspur F.C. within four weeks of the AGM.


20. An Extraordinary General Meeting, having the same powers and appropriate conditions of an AGM shall be called at the written request of 20 members or at any time the committee deemed necessary.


21. Proposals for amendments to the club rules by the committee must be recorded in the minutes of the relevant meeting at least 14 days prior to the AGM.


22. Proposals by members for rule changes must be made in writing to the Secretary at least 21 days prior to the AGM.


23. Tickets applications should be submitted in writing to the secretary at least 6 weeks prior to the original date of the fixture. Where 6 weeks is not possible applications should be submitted once fixture is announced. Full payment in Euros should accompany each application. The committee have the power to vary the application procedure where it is practical to do so.


24. Applications should be dealt with on a strict first come first served basis.


25. Any member under 18 must be accompanied or supervised on a match trip by a Parent or Guardian who is over 18 years.


26. All Ticket prices will quoted in Pounds Sterling and its Euros equivalent.


27. Ticket disruption is at the discretion of THFC and it is expected that match Tickets are non transferable.


28. The distribution method of any cup final tickets or "special" allocation to this club will be agreed by a membership vote.


29. Membership fees are set at €00 per person, €00 for junior (under 16) and €00 for Senior Citizens. (Over 65) for the 2008/2009 Season.


30. These Fees need to be paid by members in full and on time as directed by the club. Membership prices may be subject to review in future years.


31. The committee have the power to cancel the membership of any member whose actions are considered not to be in the best interests of the T.H.F.C. and the Sligo Spurs Supporters club.


32. All members of the Club will do everything they can to protect and enhance the good name of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Any members transgressing this rule will be automatically expelled.


33. The Club reserves the right to amend these rules at regular intervals. Any amendments must be forwarded to THFC for approval.

Additional Rules 2008-2009


34. The Committee of the Sligo spurs supporters club reserves the right to refuse existing membership renewal or new membership application of certain individuals if in the view of the committee that those members are not in the interest of the club as a whole. Such decision to refuse membership must be adopted in full by all committee members. Members will have a right to appeal any decision made against them.


35. Match Tickets are non transferable if a member buys a ticket and is unable to go then these tickets must be returned to the club for the S.S.S.C. to resell again to our members only. Any Member who attempts to sell tickets (At face value or for profit) to persons outside the club this person will be immediately expelled from the club


36. If you don't have a club membership card and have not paid up all fees for this year and any outstanding for last year, then our club will not be offering to get you tickets.


37. Any person who failed to donate to the club development draw last Christmas 2007 then this additional Fee of €20 will be applied to their subscription for 2008-2009


38. All Partners (Wife's Husbands Girlfriends boyfriends) or children of members who wish to attend any games must also be a member of the club. Membership for partners and Children is at a reduced rate.


39. Members must provided proof of travel to the Ticket Officer before they will given a letter for collecting tickets


40. Your Membership Card is your own property and must not be given or lent to any individual than other than the person named on the card


41. All Members for 2008-2009 must submit Photo ID in photocopy format. This document will remain on the clubs files for identification reasons. This rule is now compulsory feature set down by THFC. Failure to submit this ID will result in the non processing of Ticket applications.


42. You must attend at least 2 regular Meeting (Not AGM) each season in order to get apply for tickets. If you can't attend you must send a proxy to attend for you. This member must make themselves know to the committee and they must confirm who they are attend for. Otherwise the meeting will be classed as a no show.






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