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AGM Minutes Year ending 31st May 2009


Sligo Spurs Supporters club

Annual General Meeting

Sligo City Hotel

Tuesday 26th May 2009

Present Outgoing committee + Sligo spur members as per sheet attached



Minute of the Meeting


Chairman's Address

Chairman welcomed all ands give a review of club running. 2 years and growing
Thanks to Malcolm for his work.
Sligo Spurs website up and running
Carling Cup Final 2009 result disappointing
Michael will step down as chairman but will remain part of the committee
Club stared small but has grown
Thanked all members
Praise for Harry Rednapp who got us "out of a hole" this season.

Thresuers report

Welcomed everyone and thanked the outgoing chairman
Handed out Financial statement
Went trough the accounts in detailed
In the budget for next year out of these years funds 1 Tickets for a charity Fundraiser for the RNLI to member, 2 Sligo rovers' fundraiser and 3palyer of the year award

The club was asked to accepted the accounts which were nominated by Walter Doyle and seconded by Gerry Taylor

Gerry is going forward as treasure next season. He whished best of luck to the new people coming in and gave a special word of thanks to those people who were the committee last season and 2 people who were on the committee in year 1 Stephen Doyle and meaeve lee.

Secretary Stament


Malcolm recalled our first small meeting over 2 years.
He said that this club was not about meeting that such events such as AGM were a buureccy that was a club must adhere to. The real thing this club was going to spurs games or watching together on the TV
The joke about the Sligo spurs having a Phone box for meeting was recalled as Sligo joke and it was said that a joke photo was put up on our website

2008/2009 bleak start and with possible relegation a reality
Harry Houdini came in and everything changed. Improved home performance
A final place of 8th in the league and excellent report considering the bad start

Last year we had 65 members in the club
5 Bronze, 50 lilywhites 2 Senior and 8 juniors

From year 1 to year 2 we lost 23 members but we gained 19 new members.

We had one club trip last year the game against Bolton in October
The credit crutch and recession that followed has hit our attendance

Some highlights for the club this year was
" Club plaque and signed shirt put on the wall in Connolly's bar to announce our home venue
" Razing of €750 in a x-mas charity draw for the RNLI
" Beating of Liverpool and Chelsea at home
" Drawing against Arsenal and Manchester Utd at home
" Good run in the EUFA cup only to be knocked out by the eventual winners

Malcolm said that he enjoyed his time as secretly and was happy to remain on and welcomed any new ideas

In future any important info will be up on our website ask for information and it will be supplies

Thanked all members, asked for feed backpack. Got great praise form the members
"Noting is too much trouble for Malcolm"

Public relation officer stament


Club unveiled a signed shirt signed by the tam that beat arsenal 5-1 at home in carling cup semi final 2008 The unvailing was done by Patrick Jennings junior and Matthew judge an ex spurs youth player

RNLI Fundraiser was also mentioned way mentioned again

Sligo Spurs was asked to present the player of the year at global supporters club awards event in white harte lane London 17 may 2009 Michel Farrell present the award of player of the year to Aaron Lennon

Photos of the player of the year event went up on our own website and news article appeared in local paper the Sligo weekender 26th May 2009

Website now regarded as good source of information
Letters and texts& website the principle forms of direct communication

Hoped that we would grow more and more. More work needs to be done to spread the
Word about the club in surrounding areas
Jonathan announced that he would not running as PRO next season
He was thanked for his effort over the past year

Website Information this website was started in Feb/ March 2009 and still in it infancy stages but like our club it is expected to grow and grow and new content to be added all the time

Members were also asked to sign any texts that they send in so that can easily identified

If members have any ideas for the website such as stories or content they such contact Malcolm who looks after it


Feedback on Telephone questionnaire


During March and April the committee called every member and held a brief questionnaire with them over the phone. The purpose of the questionnaire was to get better understanding of the club and get the maximum amount of responses.

The main outcomes was there was very little people interested in joining the committee
We are alltogher and equal in the eyes of the club

We learned that people were not notifying the sectary when not attending meetings however they are now staring to txt which is an improvement

Thanks to the treasurer Gerry Nicholson who sponsored the phone calls at his own expense.

Category A tickets availility way something that members wanted

Malcolm can get online tickets for those members who don't have a PC

A number of members 56% wanted to subscribe to Hotspur but it were cheaper to do this online so the club won't be doing it on their behalf

The club would be prepared to travel outside Sligo if enough demand to join club was sought by a single member.
The club is called Sligo spurs but reality we are the North West spurs

Some members wanted to join the bronze members list and this would be done next season
All members were advised that our club rules were on our website and they were told to read them

Cup Final tickets should be address with THFC as a matter of fairness and we agreed to follow this request on their behalf.

It was a worthwhile exercise and would be repeated in following years


Player of the season


The Club presented 2 player of the year award this year
The first was the one presented by all the global spurs supporters clubs at white Harte lane. This was won by Aaron Lennon and presented by Michael Farrell in London

The second player of the year was our own Sligo spurs Player of the year award
The winner was Aaron Lennon and the runner up was Jonathan wood gate.

Subject to permission by spurs and (transfer windows) the Sligo spurs will travel to London with our award to present next season to winning player.

Overall the event held in London was great success and some promotion about the event was in a local paper the Sligo weekender

Club Polo Shirts 2008/2009


New polo shirts are available to buy this season
They navy blue and white crest

They were admired by other supports clubs at the event in London
Available to oerder at €25 each

Any Other Business


Next meeting the first Tuesday after the season starts again in August.

We may need to run an emergency meeting in July in case there is any important game that people want to attend in august

The club met up the fooling clubs this year in London

New York Spurs
Spurs Sweden
Swindon Spurs

Swindon interest in getting our polo shirts for their branch and told us about their own meet the player events

Other future ideas for the club are
Club Banner "Sligo Spurs on Tour"
A sign or memento in the bricklayers bar in Tottenham
A club dinner dance with a past player to attend


Election of the Officers for next season 2009/2010


Only current members of the club are allowed to Vote in AGM elections

Only persons who served some time on the committee can be elected an officer of the club such as chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

All members are allowed to be elected to other roles on the committee.

Chairman election

Gerry Nicholson is Proposed by Vincent Dave and seconded by Pascal Fallon
Gerry is elected by unanimous show of hands in favour of his election
There no opposition candidates and nobody opposed to Gerry's election
Gerry Nicholson is confirmed as the new chairman of Sligo Spurs supporters club for the new season 2009/2010


Secretary election


Malcolm Mc Dinah is proposed by Walter Doyle and seconded by Gerard Taylor
Malcolm is elected by unanimous show of hands of election
There no opposition candidates and nobody opposed to Malcolm election
Malcolm Mc Dinah is re confirmed as the secretary of Sligo Spurs supporters club for the new season 2009/2010


Treasurer Election


Johanthan Costello is proposed by Des Greene and seconded by Lisa Mc McCormack
Jonathan is elected by humanoids show of hands of election
There no opposition candidates and nobody opposed to Jonathan's election
Jonathan Costello is confirmed as the new treasurer of Sligo Spurs supporters club for the new season 2009/2010

PRO (Public Relations Officer) Election


Des Green is proposed by Noel Rooney and seconded by Peter Dolan
Des is elected by unanimous show of hands of election
There no opposition candidates and nobody opposed to Des's election
Des Green is confirmed as the new PRO of Sligo Spurs supporters club for the new season 2009/2010


The following 3 club members will also be elected as general committee members


Michael Farrell
Liz Drummond
Kevin Mc Dinah


A group vote is take on the election of the other 3 to the committee and is elected by union's show of hands election

There is no opposition to any of the candidates
All 3 will server as general committee members with roles to be deuced at a later date


2 Other club members will have non elected roles within the club and help out when required these members are Pascal Fallon and Sean Mulligan


In Summary the new committee for the Sligo spurs supporters club is as follows


Chairman Gerry Nicholson
Secretary Malcolm Mc Doangh
Treasurer Johanthan Costello
Public Relations Des Greene
Committee Michael Farrell
Committee Kevin mc Donagh


The next spurs supporter club meeting was arranged to take place ion the first Tuesday in august after the season starts




Malcolm Mc Donagh
Club Sectrety
Sligo Spurs Supporters Club












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